On and Adjacent to Westham Island

Chris Wright Photo Trips

An area I haven’t explored before is the south Delta area along the Fraser River, including Westham Island. This time of year is perfect for exploring local sights given the shorter daylight and fickle weather.

As you drive further west out of the community of Ladner, the more back in time the whole area feels. Here is one such sight, the 1912 wood truss single lane Westham Island Bridge spanning Canoe Pass on the Fraser River.

One of the attractions of Westham Island is the annual migration of the Lesser Snow Geese. We briefly joined the crowds and chaos on the side of the road and captured a few photos of the geese. They make a remarkable journey from Russia.

Further along the rural road on the island, is this barn with multiple sections.

Beside the barn was this bare leaved tree with a small pond. I was very taken with the sinuous form, the green grass and the big sky behind.

On a side road was another barn and in front was the most vivid fall colour yellow I have seen.

Across Canoe Passage on the mainland, is a trail along the dyke leading to Brunswick Point. Views of Westham Island, the Fraser River, and the other sights are plentiful.

I liked the impressionistic view of this birch tree in a heavy gust of wind.

These small warehouse buildings used for the fishing industry were another example of the time standing still in this area.

Further along were the remains of piers, presumably from a cannery or fishing buildings.

I waited several minutes waiting for the sun to re-emerge and illuminate this cottonwood tree.

I liked the sinuous branch form and the blue sky behind of this cottonwood tree

Looking north with the dyke and the Strait of Georgia.

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