On The Beach at Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Last Sunday a friend and I explored the beaches at the Pacific Spirit Regional Park, just below UBC.

We descended the stairs from the Point Grey bluffs, down into the lifting fog. I liked this scene looking eastward down the beach at the dispersing fog.

Looking in the opposite direction, this boulder filled beach extends off towards the north with early morning light on the bluff.

When I saw this scene, I figured it might make an interesting black and white with the various tones and textures.

Speaking of black and white, I like how this root ball works in black and white!

It was a joy to be working on macros and close ups on this trip. I have been spending considerable time and effort lately on the expressionism and abstract compositions, so it was great to be spending time on the other love I have.

The beach was filled with the most interesting pebbles, I could have spent all day capturing them!

Turning around at one point after capturing a scene, I noticed these slender red alder trees. I liked the slender form of them and how the dried leaves were like little paint dabs.

After the beach walk, we climbed back up on another set of stairs and steep trail sections and headed over to the UBC campus. I worked the expressionism and abstract material, but did take a few representational photos, both on that day and on the next day. Consider these as a bonus to the beach photos.

Update – November 17, 2019: An earlier version of this post stated that the beach outing was on Saturday, when it was actually Sunday. CK Wright

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  1. Nice!! So good, in fact, that I’m going steal your photographic ideas (though maybe they won’t be quite as good as yours…).
    Thanks for sending this blog out, Chris. I enjoy it. 😁

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