Pattullo to Alex Fraser

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Along the Fraser River from the Pattullo Bridge to the Alex Fraser Bridge, there are several interesting pocket sized parks with views of those bridges and the Fraser River, along with walking paths.

Brownsville Bar Park, located on the south-east side of the Fraser River in Surrey, has impressive views of the three crossings here; the 1937 Pattullo Bridge for vehicle traffic, the 1989 Skybridge for the rapid transit line, and the 1904 New Westminster Bridge for trains.

Here is the Pattullo Bridge and the New Westminster Bridge. The Pattullo is slated to be replaced within the next few years.

This black and white composition works well to show the intricate steel work of the through arch bridge design.

The Skybridge is a very sleek and modern design making for some great photo compositions.

Downriver and on the opposite bank is the New Westminster Quay, with views back to those bridges.

The walking path offers diverse views of the river, the plantings, and the marine traffic.

There is a large sandbar that is present at low tide and I was able to capture the clouds reflected in the bar with the Fraser Surrey Docks behind.

My previous attempts to capture the Inn at the Quay hotel have not been successful, but on this visit I felt I captured it well.

The First Capital Place office building has a striking façade, though on this composition I used the building edge to lead the eye into the swirling clouds.

Across the river on the eastern end of Lulu Island is the New Westminster community of Port Royal. The roses were in bloom with an abundant aroma! In this view, the Quay and the Skybridge is visible.

The Pacific ninebark shrubs were flowering with a light scent.

The railway swing bridge and condo towers reflecting in the Fraser River.

Downriver from Port Royal, at the south end of the Alex Fraser Bridge, is a First Nations park with views of the adjacent cedar mill and the bridge. The river is wide here though the current was still strong.

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  1. You’ve captured terrific sights on this walk along the Fraser River. Wonderful, Chris!

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