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PIMBY, Photography In My Back Yard. One might consider so called backyard areas as either not having photographic potential or been over photographed. The reality is that having good knowledge of local areas through frequent visits allows a photographer to understand the various seasonal and lighting conditions. Being close by allows quick access when those conditions are just right. All of that allows you to make unique and interesting compositions. 

Here are some photographs I recently took in the Byrne Creek Ravine Park. Close proximity allowed me to start photographing just as the rain stopped but before the clouds lifted and the wonderful details were overpowered with bright lighting.

I have photographed this tree before from a different position and while pleased with the result, always thought there was something lacking. It turns out that I have always approached the tree from either side along the same trail. On this outing, I used a different trail and as I approached the tree, I realized this was the better angle. It appears to show off the sinuous form of the branches better.

The park is full of vine maple and while it might not be red, the yellow to orange colour is beautiful. The dark sinuous branches contrasts very well with those vibrant colours.

Byrne Creek was surrounded by vibrant yellow, green, and orange vine maple.

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  1. Beautiful work as always Chris. I particularly like the new perspective you discovered on a familiar tree. Is that an ash? I’m not very good at identifying trees.

    I like the “PIMBY” acronym too. Before I clicked into your post, I was thinking this could mean “please in my back yard”, which strikes me as a potential solution to so many of our social woes. Imagine if we all felt a just a bit more willing to share, instead of trying to protect our individual turf!

    1. Post

      Thanks Colwyn, I’m not great at non-native trees myself. Ash does seem like a distinct possibility. Where this tree grows is the site of an old farm.

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