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The rainy weather this past week and through Saturday dried up on Sunday morning, leaving only the question of where to go for my next photographic outing.  With the cherry blossoms starting to bloom here in Metro Vancouver, I thought that Queen Elizabeth Park would be a good setting.  This 52 hectare (128 acre) urban park is located on Little Mountain and is the highest point in the City of Vancouver.  Here is a north to northeast view of Vancouver, Burnaby, and North Vancouver from the top of the park.

When I first arrived about 8:30am, I decided to photograph the cherry trees before the crowds became too large to have a clear sight of them. That was a good decision because by lunch time there were huge crowds all around them.


I hadn’t realized that there would be such a large collection of flowers, but when I looked down into the sunken gardens, it was amazing to see the number that were present and blooming.


Now this is certainly one of my favourite macro or close up subjects to photograph.  Raindrops almost appearing to defy gravity as they cling to the vegetation.  No matter how many times I see this, I am always amazed and impressed.

The leaves were just unfolding on this tree and I was really taken with the ridges from the folds and I thought it would be a good eye lead to the emerging buds.

As I was photographing several compositions in this shallow pond with the reflections, I had numerous people approach and ask what I was photographing.  It was quite interesting to see their understanding and appreciation as I explained and in some cases pointed out the reflecting trees and sky.  In fact, one person upon seeing the photograph I had captured, then tried it out on her camera.  She then spent several minutes excitedly pointing out all of the interesting and wonderful elements in her completed photo!

Above the garden is the Bloedel Conservatory, built in 1969, which contains tropical plants and birds.  I liked the curving mullions, bubble glass, and the lone bare tree with the clouds behind.

This was my first visit to the park and I must say that the photographic possibilities were numerous. In particular the cherry trees, the sunken gardens with flowers, ornamental trees, and water features, and the Bloedel Conservatory.  I certainly look forward to another visit.

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  1. Lovely photos as always, Chris. My favourites this time are your macro shots, especially the raindrops and I love the one of the reflections in the shallow pond too.

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      Thanks Jill, I appreciate the kind words and I am glad to hear you’re enjoying them.

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