Ramble from the Seymour River to the Lynn Creek

CK Wright Photo Trips

On Saturday I photographed various areas from the Seymour River to Lynn Creek, accessing them from the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve. With the overcast conditions, I was primarily interested in capturing the beautiful coastal forest.

This hemlock tree with the distinct branch form resulting from mistletoe infection made an interesting composition.

I spotted this large boulder erratic sitting in amongst the coastal forest and thought the study in vertical versus round and rough versus smooth would make an interesting composition.

Along the Fisherman’s Trail, is this side trail leading to the Seymour River. The early morning light is streaming through the moss covered forest.

A little further along the trail the vine maple leaves were yellow. 

In the soft diffused lighting and with no wind, Rice Lake afforded some beautiful mirror style photos.

Descending down to Lynn Creek, I noticed how the western hemlock understory aligned vertically with the mature Douglas-fir and western hemlock forest behind.

In the Lynn Creek canyon, a small waterfall descends into Lynn Creek framed by the vertical forest.

Here are two views of Lynn Creek and the softly illuminated coastal forest.

Moss covered trees rising from the canyon walls.

Along the trail above the Lynn Creek canyon, I spotted this triangle shaped composition with the fern anchoring the bottom and the sinuous vine maple trunks forming the side.

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