Reflections in the North Arm

CK Wright Photo Trips

On a recent Sunday morning I walked along the North Arm of the Fraser River in the Burnaby Foreshore Park looking for interesting compositions. The river was surprisingly smooth and the reflections with the morning winter light were very pleasing.

This row of cottonwood trees has always looked impressive on previous visits. I decided to capture them again given how still the water was and the presence of the wispy clouds.

It is not often that one sees boats moored in the section of the Fraser, so I was a bit surprised to see a few boats tied up here. Makes you wonder if this is another indication of the housing affordability in Metro Vancouver.

The CN Rail swing bridge was reflecting almost perfectly in the Fraser River. I thought that a balanced centering composition would be an interesting study in shape and form.

There is an interesting sense of mass in this photo showing the upriver section. The heavy and close spaced trestle work juxtaposed with the lighter form of the truss swing section. The early morning sunlight is evident on this south-east facing side.

I have always been drawn to nature reflected in water and there was no shortage of opportunities.

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