Remembrance Day at the Sheep River

CK Wright Photo Trips

Okay, so I know that it has been a while and that some of my friends are wondering when I am going to write another post. I did promise, didn’t I? After a busy couple of months of spending numerous if not all weekends in Vancouver, I finally had time to get out and take some photographs. I decided to check out the Sheep River area prior to the annual winter shutdown on December 1.  It was a real treat to see some snow and ice in the Bluerock Creek, Gorge Creek, and Sheep River given the lack of accessibility in the winter. The photographs were plentiful and I spent all day capturing some interesting shots and video. The weather was mostly overcast with some sun and not too cold, perfect shooting weather. It was one of those great shoots where it was hard to leave. I must say that am really enjoying the camera and Sigma 35mm lens, it is a great combination.

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