Revisit to Mackay Creek

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Last weekend I headed back to Mackay Creek because I wanted to spend more time working the compositions. Over a span of four hours I explored a small section of the creek and found lots of interesting compositions.

It always amazes me the amount of material in coastal creeks as this next photo shows. The rocks and woody debris form an integral part of the watercourse and provides so many interesting compositions!

I liked the split cedar log and the way it seemed to point to the small trapped pebble.

The curved cedar wood has a similar “V” shape to the water flow below it.

This next composition is a good example of the interesting finds as you take the time to explore the creek. All of those small cascades were glowing in the soft overcast light

Western red cedars are often found alongside these mountain creeks and in some cases are an integral part of the creek

While the noise of the creek can be loud and constant, the surrounding forest was quiet and devoid of others during the time I spent photographing here.

It seemed at every climb or turn of the creek I would find beautiful intimate cascades.

After four hours of working Mackay Creek, I felt I had created some good compositions and it was time to head out. I climbed up the steep slope and looked back in wonder that such a small watercourse could provide so many beautiful and interesting compositions.

A little further along my return path, I noticed the understory western hemlock was almost glowing with the soft dispersed lighting, while the mature coastal forest receded into the mist.

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  1. Nice variety of colour in the 2nd (from the top) photo, Chris.
    I’m impressed by the number of small cascades of water in the 5th & the clarity of the careening fluidity of the stream in the red cedar photo. Lots of depth in the cascades in the 3rd from the bottom pic’.
    Thanks, Chris.

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  2. With all the debris in that creek, you did a wonderful job of investigating and then juxtaposing all those elements into meaningful compositions. I’m getting to know that creek…intimately!! Thanks Chris.

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