Richmond Olympic Oval At Night

CK Wright Photo Trips

The Richmond Olympic Oval is an impressive building with soaring arches and wood lined ceilings located along the Fraser River in Richmond. It was constructed for the speed skating competition at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Out front in the Water Sky Garden are two “sky lanterns” illuminated by adjacent lighting.

Looking along the side of the building, the cantilevered roof elements are supported by massive wood posts.

Here is a view looking upwards at the wood lined ceiling and those cantilevered roof elements.

Adjacent to the oval is the River Green residence sales centre building. The window coverings on a few sides has curved lines illuminated by changing coloured lights. I used a red light to complete some light painting.

Along the river walking paths in front of the oval is this First Nations art installation.

The walking path also has this water sculpture, a reference to the salmon migration in the Fraser River.

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