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I took a few days to sight see and explore on the way to the photography workshop in Bella Coola (see my previous post on that). Some areas I have been into before while others were new.

Starting near Ashcroft, I headed along a quiet back road for a lunch spot. Across the Thompson River, CN Rail was hauling containers north/eastwards.

Ashcroft Fire hall. I liked the implied story of the fire hall with the clouds representing smoke over top of the building.

As you leave Ashcroft heading north to the highway, the road passes by irrigated fields set against the dry rolling hills. I liked how the green produce leads the eye into the photo.

North of Clinton is the Chasm which shows the geology of the Cariboo plateau. The successive layers of lava are visible as a result of the melting waters from the last ice age. I have been here before, but the lighting and plate like clouds were very spectacular.

After an overnight stay in 100 Mile House, I continued the trip westward now along Highway 20 and visited Farwell Canyon. I have posted before on this unique and beautiful area (see my related posts), but it is always worth a stop. The Chilcotin River flowing through the Farwell Canyon.

I was pleased to see the cactus starting to bloom, which is a first for me in this area.

I stayed at the historic Chilcotin Lodge in Riske Creek. The lighting to the west from the front lawn in the later afternoon was very nice despite the building clouds.

West along Highway 20, I took a short drive off the highway down to the Chilcotin River and this old wood bridge. I liked the shadow and patterns and thought it made for an interesting composition.

On the other side of the river was this field of yellow flowers and a leaning sign that to me, spoke of the way time seems to stand still in the Chilcotin.

The final overnight stop was at the Eagle’s Nest Resort at Anahim Lake. It is a very nice setting along a quiet section of Anahim Lake with views towards the coast mountains.

Precipice Canyon is located nearby and I had time for a brief stop there. It is a spectacular canyon and important wildlife corridor leading to the Atnarko River and the mid coast. This is definitely an area I will want to spend some time exploring.

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  1. Thanks for another lovely set of photos. I love the one with the chairs..
    What a lovely spot to read a book and enjoy a cup of coffee or a sundowner! I enjoyed your previous set of abstract exercises… The workshop must have been fun.

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