Seymour River on Dec 24

CK Wright Photo Trips

The dawn arrived on Monday, Christmas eve day, cool but dry after a weekend of rain. It was time to head out for some photography before family events in the later afternoon. The Seymour River and the surrounding forest was my first thought, an area that holds a special place given that it’s the area I spent considerable time exploring and learning photography in.

Descending to the river along the Homestead Trail in the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve, I spotted this leafless vine maple reaching towards the rising coastal forest. The various angles and the size difference between the branches and the tree trunks made for an interesting composition.

The just opened suspension bridge crossing the Seymour River was busy with walkers, runners, bikers, and even a couple of horses. This bridge replaces the crossing that was removed four years ago due to the flooding from the rock slide just down river.

Down at the river level, I captured the water monitoring site and the downriver foundation of one of the so called Twin Bridges. This bridge has been gone for many decades, with the flooded bridge just upstream. As an interesting note, the flood levels reached to above this foundation.

I walked through a section of forest that was impacted by the flooding. The water for a long period covered this area to at least 6 feet deep, including the waterfall. I didn’t spend much time here given the unstable conditions of the ground and the dead forest.

The river had a good flow in it with all of the recent rain and wet snow at higher elevations. I like the bare leaved alders lining the river edge.

The coastal forest is spectacular in this area with moss covered vine maples and coniferous trees. The overcast conditions and abundant moisture certainly made conditions perfect for capturing.

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and best wishes in 2019. Thank you for following along on my various photographic adventures in 2018 and providing feedback, it is much appreciated!

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