Shadows and Strong Light

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I wanted to share a collection of recent photographs where I utilized shadows and strong light as a central element. They are, I feel, a indication of the evolving artistic style that began last July in the Creative Workshop. In the past, I would usually avoid direct and strong sunlight times of the day but now I see how powerful those qualities can be.

This composition was taken on a recent outing to a light industrial park in Richmond. While it may seem an unusual place to photograph, there are actually many opportunities in those areas.

The repeating loading docks and the associated shadow from the preceding one makes an interesting composition.

At the Brewery District in New Westminster is a residence tower that was in full sun in the mid morning. I captured the following three photos of the building.

At another industrial park were these pine trees set against a white walled warehouse. The diagonal lines of shadow were ordered but still with some degree of free form.

An interesting study of shapes, tones, and texture made all the more exciting by the strong side lighting.

Having a sense of wonder and curiosity are certainly qualities I have and use in my photography. Here we have the transformation of the slender pole and transformers into the squat and heavy shapes in the shadow version.

I was at the BCIT Burnaby campus recently and I happened to look across the parking lot and noticed this staircase in strong light. I really like the dual shape of the physical and shadow.

Another subject from the campus is this covered pathway.

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  1. I like the repeating loading docks and the shadow of the tree that falls at 2 angles: on the red brick wall and the pavement. I also like the last photo.

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  2. Intriguing how the shadow on the brick wall gets ‘folded’ upward from the pavers below.
    You were lucky to get a cloud-free sky as one of the elements in the shapes/tones/textures study of industrial bins.

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