Skating Cows

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Yesterday I headed out to Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park for an afternoon photo shoot. On the western side of the park is an area I have only been through once, interesting given the number of trips I have made in the central and eastern sections of the park. I decided to access the park from the Gleneagles community of Cochrane to shorten the travel distance. It was a nice day, almost spring like with sun and cloud and even some slippery sections of clay. Anyway, down in one of the coulees was this herd of cows and interestingly a few of them decided to cross a stretch of the flooded and frozen creek. One cow in particular was having a hard time keeping all four legs aligned on the slick surface. You could see the cow trying to get to the edge without falling over…and yes the cows made it across okay. In terms of the photos, there were some interesting compositions of aspens and distance hills. The terrain in this part of the park consists of numerous coulees and draws, hummocky hills, and exposed boulders. In the spring when the snow is completely gone and the aspen trees have leafed out, this should be a good location for landscapes.


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