Skywalk North and Kevin’s Home Run

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Located between Green Lake and Rainbow Mountain in Whistler is a series of trails that climbs through rain forest and sub-alpine forest before emerging into the alpine near Rainbow Mountain. Those trails are 19 Mile Creek, Skywalk North, and Kevin’s Home Run. Five of us from the Burke Mountain Naturalists headed out on Saturday under cool and overcast conditions.

As we hiked through the beautiful rainforest following 19 Mile Creek trail, the creek itself had numerous waterfall and cascade sections.

Just below Iceberg Lake, we emerged from the dense forest into the subalpine and had views of the northern mountains, albeit with overcast conditions.

We headed off westward on the Skywalk North trail ascending steeply on exposed rock with a scattering of subalpine fir trees to Iceberg Lake. Nestled below a scree slope and craggy rock walls is the beautiful Iceberg Lake with still green water and wedge of ice and snow on the upslope side.

We departed Iceberg Lake and ascended a step trail through subalpine fir trees to the saddle to the east of Rainbow Mountain. With almost perfect timing, the clouds partly lifted and provided the stunning weather we had all hoped for. This was our lunch location and I took full advantage of the spectacular views and improved weather to photograph.

Here is a view of Iceberg Lake and the surrounding scree slopes and exposed rock walls.

After an enjoyable lunch and photo shoot, we continued along Skywalk North, now heading east, descending to Long Lake with more spectacular mountain views.

Past Long Lake, we re-entered patches of subalpine forest and small tarns.

Further on was this collection of shrubs with some early fall colour.

We then used a newer trail, Kevin’s Home Run, to return to the 19 Mile Creek Trail and the short drive back to Whistler.

A special Thank You to Roy for driving us to the trailhead, showing us the area, and being an excellent tour guide! Roy has extensive knowledge of the area and has worked on many of the trails.

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