Snow Magic at Bramble Park and Eagle Mountain Park

Chris Wright Photo Trips

The phone rang this morning, it was from a friend who lives in Coquitlam.  He was out walking in the higher elevation areas of Coquitlam (Bramble Park) and the previous day’s snow fall had coated the alder trees in a thick layer of snow.  He described how beautiful the lighting conditions, blue sky, and that snow coating were.  The message was clear, you need to get out here now and photograph this before the sun melts the snow.  Grapping my gear in a mad dash, I wondered if I should shave or even brush my hair to look presentable?  Are you kidding, who has time for that!  So out the door I went and being relatively close to Bramble Park, I arrived in about 30 minutes and then dashed up the hill to the area he had mentioned.  Luckily the snow was still present on the branches and the lighting was neutral to moderate in strength.  Additionally, the sky was mostly clear with a few wispy clouds.  It was pure snow magic!  Here are two photos that illustrates the magic, including this first photo with good symmetry for the coniferous trees and nice contrast between the dark green branches and the snow covered alder branches.

These next two photos shows the delicate balancing act the snow has with the slender alder branches.  The repeating pattern of the tan and brown branches contrasts well with the snow and created some interesting photographic opportunities.

I had about 40 minutes in this area of Bramble Park before the snow started slipping off of those slender branches.  We walked about 3km further on to Eagle Mountain Park and photographed Coquitlam Mountain (left, partly obscured by clouds) and Burke Mountain/Burke Ridge (right, with the cloud behind) shown in the next photo. The last photo is of the ridge continuing from Burke, to the right side of the previous photo.

We had wanted to photograph those mountain scenes in a slightly less obscured location, but the area was closed as BC Hydro was dealing with a downed main transmission line that was apparently live.  The location we photographed at still offered a decent vantage point and who wants to mess with live power?  All in all, it was a fun and productive outing in Bramble Park and Eagle Mountain Park.  Well, it is getting later in the evening now and Santa is on his way so I will close out this Christmas Eve post wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Update – December 29, 2016: An earlier version of this post stated the peak on the right side (2nd to last photo) was Mount Burke when it is actually referenced as either Burke Mountain or Burke Ridge.  Mount Burke is to the east and out of frame. CK Wright

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