South Surrey, Seaside and Upland

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Recently a friend and I explored two areas in South Surrey, hoping to avoid the rain in the mountainous parts of Metro Vancouver.

Starting off at Elgin Heritage Park, we walked along the shoreline of the Nicomekl River just upstream from its junction with Boundary Bay. The looming clouds to the west are clearly visible behind Wards Marina.

One surprise was the number of flowers in bloom along the shoreline. This rose was covered in water from the overnight rain and was very fragrant.

Dames Rocket

The historic Stewart Farm (circa 1900) is preserved at the Elgin park. As nice as it is now, you can imagine how impressive it was in the early 1900’s.

Along the shoreline there was clear views to the northwest of the large cumulus clouds.

Speaking of cumulus clouds, this was an impressive view with the towering clouds, farmland, paddlers, and the Nicomekl River.

Next up, we drove about 10 minutes inland to the Sunnyside Acres Urban Forest park. The new growth on the vine maples was so very green and backlit!

In the forest were several occurrences of the Western Trumpet Honeysuckle. It is near its northern limit at this point.

I spotted this sword fern with one frond paler than the others.

Another sword fern had some Herb-Robert growing beside it.

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