Spring in Pacific Spirit

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Pacific Spirit Regional Park is a huge forested reserve located on Point Grey between Vancouver and UBC, stretching between the Fraser River northwards to English Bay.

Last weekend we hiked the northern section and included stops at Spanish Banks Beach. It was a beautiful spring day with sun and clouds and the forest was full of spring growth.

Starting off the trail on the west side, was pacific dogwood.

The sun was streaming through the forest presenting interesting shadows on the trail.

Pacific bleeding heart was plentiful along the trail, carpeting the forest floor in lovely green and pink.

The trail reaches the northern edge of the park and then heads east above Spanish Banks Beach Park. Along that section of the trail are views of English Bay and West Vancouver. You can see ships at anchor and heavy clouds massing on the North Shore.

As the trail descends to Spanish Banks beach I liked this section of the trail with the overhanging vine maple and wood railings.

Once down at the beach, there was plenty to see. The heavy clouds over West Vancouver were starting to break, while ships waited at anchor in English Bay.

Looking westward along the beach with the Sunshine Coast off on the right.

As we were leaving the beach and heading back into the forest, the big leaf and vine maples were glowing with new spring growth.

Along the trail was this bracken fern, basking in diffused lighting.

Once back up on top of the bluff overlooking Spanish Banks beach, there was another partial view of English Bay. West Vancouver is now looking sunnier with the dispersing clouds.

Nearing the end of the trail was a nice patch of miners lettuce with its delicate pink flowers.

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  1. I like the composition in the dogwood, bleeding heart & miner’s lettuce photos. Also the dappled light in the bracken fern & maples photos.

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