St. Marks Summit and Fall Colours

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St. Marks Summit is a high knoll north of the Cypress Mountain ski hill and just south of the Lions. The Howe Sound Crest trail provides the access from the ski area, following a rebuilt and solid trail for most of the distance before changing to a muddy and rooted trail.

We started off early with the aim to avoid the heavier crowds and to complete the hike before the clouds and rain fully arrived. We took one quick photo at Yew Lake near the start of the trail.

After Yew Lake, we hiked directly to St. Marks as we knew the clouds were moving in fast. Howe Sound, Bowyer Island (forested, lower right), Bowen Island (central left), and Gambier Island (right) are all visible.

Howe Sound and Gambier Island are visible in this photo.

One of the popular aspects of this hike is the Instagram “worthy” features of having your photo out on the edge. All I can say is thanks “white shirted blue toqued person” for risking your life out there for my photography!

With the hazy conditions, I looked for compositions that avoided the sky such as this lower treed ridge with mist and Howe Sound below.

The other compositions I looked for were the fall colours. With the diffused lighting from the thin cloud coverage, the colours just popped. Here is mountain ash.

Even with the diffused lighting, there was still enough direct light for this backlit closeup of the mountain ash.

The other shrub in fall colour mode is the blueberry, with its deep red tone.

I liked the deer ferns fronting this next composition and how the shape and colour compliment each other.

This clump of bunchberry were also in full fall colour mode.

I found this deer fern and really liked the vertical versus horizontal and straight versus twisted.

This clump of grass with the dark green mountain hemlock tree behind and the tan coloured dried material on the left makes an interesting composition of texture and colour.

Blueberry bushes and spiny wood fern.

I thought this was an neat composition with the fireweed in fall colour red fronted with pearly everlasting, and in the background the dark green of mountain hemlock.

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  1. Neat discoveries, Chris! Like how the clouds & mist feature, subtly but clearly. Appreciate the blocks of colour & texture.
    Noted the ‘Instagram rock’ in a couple of photos & wonder which was 1st, if you had to wait long for the hiker & boats to show.

    1. Post

      Thanks Lynn. There wasn’t much time to wait for the person to go out onto the rock. I believe they arrived later but I’ll check my photos tonight for the order. It was a productive day for fall colours!

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