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One of the areas I like to visit on occasion is Steveston. There are always interesting items to photograph including the fishing boats, the preserved Gulf of Georgia Cannery, and even some interesting buildings.

It seems that in Metro Vancouver most of the old gas stations are long gone. I had walked past this station before but on this visit it caught my eye. The gas pumps are actually no longer used. This building dates back quite some time, first as a store and then a gas station in 1936. Have a read of the history of this building here (item 22).

Pajo’s is an institution around this area, serving delicious fish and chips. The tide was near high tide and the colour of the water was soft green.

Another restaurant, the Crab King, was reflected in that soft green high tide water.

I do have a fascination with fishing boats and there are certainly no shortage in Steveston.

The Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site preserves a fish canning and processing plant, built in 1894.

When revisiting an area, I do try to capture something new and different. There is one wall in particular that I have thought would make interesting compositions, but I hadn’t noticed these next two. The first is two different siding materials and the next is the shadow from the vent pipe on the roof.

These two roof surfaces, texture and direction, just had to be photographed.

It seems that I was on a roof kick on this visit! I really liked these roof cupolas with their blocky and contrasting colours combined with the blue sky.

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  1. Thanks Chris! I also love the fishing boats, and the cannery museum is a special place that you captured beautifully in shape, texture and colour. I imagine both my dad and my grandfather passing by the old gas station on their way to and from work at BC Packers in the 40s, 50s and early 60’s.

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      They certainly would have stopped in there given the age of the business. Appreciate the comments Colwyn.

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  2. Nice work with light & shadow, Chris. Too bad the gull in the 9th pic’ wouldn’t move to the top of the railing. Shy gull?

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    Indeed Lynn! I tried to get the seagull to move to the top rail, but it was having nothing to do with that.

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