Sunday Along The Fraser South Arm

Chris Wright Photo Trips

I spent last Sunday exploring areas along the South Arm of the Fraser River, starting at Port Royal on the eastern end of Lulu Island. With the cooler overnight temperatures, there was localized fog.

These two fog compositions have a minimalist feel to them, where it is the tone and shape that are important.

My next stop was along Dyke Road near Blair Point in Richmond, near the end of the Fraser River. The fog had lifted from the river, though there were low clouds just starting to break.

Here we are looking westward along the Cannery Channel with Steveston Island on the left and Steveston Village on the right. The reflection and stillness of the water is what first attracted me to this composition.

Another view of the calm waters on the Cannery Channel, with Steveston Island behind.

When I arrived at the Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site, the low angle sun was illuminating the metal sided net loft building.

I liked the way that the two building framed the view of the cannery building along with the shadows from the early morning light.

These red chairs contrasted with the grey toned wood on the winding shed.

There were some interesting clouds in the early afternoon that I captured at this Steveston Wharf at No. 1 Road.

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  1. I love travelling around the Lower Mainland with you Chris.
    Image #3 is my favourite . Something about it.
    I absolutely love where you place the horizon line in images 3-5.
    Looking forward to where you go next!!!

    1. Post

      Hi Chris, thanks for the comments. As to photo 3, I was taken with the strong lead line of pilings and the mostly muted colours.

  2. My faves are the 1st fog shot with its patch of reflected sun; the Dyke Rd. scene with the range of tone & limited colours; the buildings framing a building with a green roof with all the detail in shadowed & in lit areas.

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