Sunday in the Park

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Sunday was a day to relax and photograph close to home after the 23 km hike to Cypress Lake on Saturday with the Burke Mountain Naturalists.  I was looking forward to capturing the wispy cirrus clouds that dotted the sunny blue sky and hopefully some close up photos of flowers and berries.  I headed off to Deer Lake Park in the early morning as it offers plenty of sky views along with flowers and other close up subject matter.  It was certainly a warm morning with temperatures in the low 20s, even at 9am.

Here are some of my favourite cirrus cloud compositions.

The purple pea flowers were out in full bloom, nestled in and clinging to the tall grass.

The yellow buttercups were also plentiful along the mowed gravel pathways in the park.

I believe this flower is a blackberry, which is part of the Rubus genus.  The white flower with a touch of pink contrasts well against the dark green leaves.

I was pleased with the results of these salmon berry photographs as they can be difficult to capture with a clean background.

I thought I would share two versions of a thimbleberry leaf, one in colour and the other in black and white. Let me know in the comments section which version you prefer.

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  1. I appreciate the play of light on the black and white but colour always does it for me! Besides the light on the coloured leaf is equally beautiful.

  2. Love the berries !!! I normally prefer colour but in this case I think I prefer the black and white…the texture of that leaf makes me think of leather.

  3. Post

    Thanks everyone for their comments on the two versions of the leaf. Interesting to read your thoughts.

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