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Chris Wright Photo Trips

An area I have wanted to photograph for some time is the area around the Surrey Central Skytrain station. There are some interesting architectural buildings including the City Centre Library, the SFU Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering building, and the SFU Surrey Campus and adjoining buildings.

The rain on Saturday finally stopped mid-afternoon so this seemed a perfect time to head there given the limited time remaining in the day. Upon arriving at the first stop, the City Centre Library, we were surprised to see the entire exterior being used as a movie set. This building will have to wait until a return visit, though I did manage to find one composition free of the movie set gear. I love the curving glass windows with the exposed concrete wall.

A block away is the SFU Sustainable Energy and Environmental Engineering building with a very interesting cladding of glass and steel with a distinctive shape. I tried a few different compositions of the exterior.

We headed across the street to the Central City mall and the SFU Surrey Campus. I liked this simple composition with the various strong linear lines and the reflecting glass.

We headed into the SFU Surrey Campus and spent some time capturing the unique architecture.

The centre skylight and reverse spire made for some interesting compositions.

We headed outside near dusk and captured another photograph of the front façade with the dusk light, clearing sky and clouds.

One of the towers on that site had the top roof edge illuminated in the setting sun. I don’t normally show two similar compositions, but I thought it was interesting to show the different perspective on that tower.

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