Expressionism and Abstraction June 2020

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Welcome to my twelfth monthly posting of expressionism and abstract photos and a year since the journey of re-discovery started. I wanted to thank Chris Harris and Dennis Ducklow for their workshop, guidance, and continued mentorship! I also wanted to thank you the reader for being on this journey with me.

Expressionism and Abstraction March 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips

I hope in these trying times that we are in with the COVID-19 pandemic, that we are all safe and healthy. I do believe that art is an important component of our mental well being, and hopefully these compositions will provide a bit of joy in your life. Mullion Framed Rectangles of Sky. The deep blue, wispy clouds, soft grey, …

Expressionism and Abstraction January 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Intersected Drops. At the Vancouver Convention Centre is the iconic sculpture The Drop by Inges Idee. In this composition, I have used three multiple exposures where the third intersects each of the two vertical exposures. Red Bench on Lower Burrard Street. I like the interplay between the bright red bench, the dark tile, and the strong straight silver elements in …

January’s Fortnight of Urban Views

Chris Wright Photo Trips

I spent the first two weeks of this year exploring urban areas of Metro Vancouver. The weather at this time of year can be a mixed bag so urban outings allow me to take advantage of the optimum weather windows.JOn one of the trips along River Road, I headed down a side road and spotted these Seaspan rail ferries on …

Here and There in Metro Vancouver October 2019

Chris Wright Photo Trips

It has been a busy month photographing at various sites around Metro Vancouver. Beyond the two mountain and forest outings, my trips have often times been centred around working on my expressionism and abstract compositions. Of course, on those outings I have also been capturing some representational photos including fall colours so it seemed easier to share those in one …

Expressionism and Abstraction September 2019

Chris Wright Photo Trips

As I started off this month looking for expressionism and abstract compositions, I will share that I had a nagging concern on how many more unique compositions I could find. This style of photograph is so new to me that I do sometimes wonder “how many more unique swirls and panning shots are there?”. I guess that is an unanswerable …

Closeups in the Hood

Chris Wright Photo Trips

I had a productive Sunday morning wandering around the neighbourhood capturing closeups of the flowers and other interesting items. I started off in the City in the Park gardens and captured the roses with moisture still on them from the overnight watering. The gardens are paved in square and rectangular blocks and with my wide angle lens, it forms an …

Good Friday In The Hood

Chris Wright Photo Trips

With the clearing weather conditions near noon as forecasted on Good Friday, it was time to explore the area where I live in south Burnaby. At this time of year, the area is so green and lush. It was a beautiful afternoon wandering around the neighbourhood capturing an ecliptic set of photos. The tulips were in bloom in the small …

Here and There in South Burnaby and Port Royal

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Here and there indeed as I rambled through various sites in south Burnaby and Port Royal last weekend. In search of fall colours, I took a walk through Burnaby’s Central Park on Saturday. While the vine maple there was mostly green, there were several patches that had turned orange to red. On Sunday, I walked through Byrne Creek Ravine Park …