Expressionism and Abstraction June 2020

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Welcome to my twelfth monthly posting of expressionism and abstract photos and a year since the journey of re-discovery started. I wanted to thank Chris Harris and Dennis Ducklow for their workshop, guidance, and continued mentorship! I also wanted to thank you the reader for being on this journey with me.

Expressionism and Abstraction May 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Pulling Back the Blue Curtains. Intrigue at what is behind the blue curtains. Seated Absence. Exploring themes of absence; the empty chair and the partly rendered chair. Empty Frames, Empty Performances. The empty billboard at the QE Theatre with the pandemic cancellations. Geometric Inscribed Layers. I liked the complex geometry created here and how the strong centre elements balance and …

Expressionism and Abstraction April 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Heading Outside Through the Rectangles. Perhaps a reflection of my feeling of late, on the desire to be outside in the nice spring weather. Crown 725. This multi-faceted composition is very rich in detail and tone. Dappled Expressive Forest. I was pleased with this photograph as it fully realized what I had envisioned; strong dark toned linear trunks with textured …

Expressionism and Abstraction March 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips

I hope in these trying times that we are in with the COVID-19 pandemic, that we are all safe and healthy. I do believe that art is an important component of our mental well being, and hopefully these compositions will provide a bit of joy in your life. Mullion Framed Rectangles of Sky. The deep blue, wispy clouds, soft grey, …

Expressionism and Abstraction February 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Divergent Coloured Paths. The juxtaposition of white and red lighted lines crossing each other with a black background was a strong thought as I created this. Inverted Canal. It was the the reflective water and the linear arrangement of the canal and the willow trees that attracted me to make this composition. I like the divisions of reflective water and …

Expressionism and Abstraction January 2020

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Intersected Drops. At the Vancouver Convention Centre is the iconic sculpture The Drop by Inges Idee. In this composition, I have used three multiple exposures where the third intersects each of the two vertical exposures. Red Bench on Lower Burrard Street. I like the interplay between the bright red bench, the dark tile, and the strong straight silver elements in …

Expressionism and Abstraction December 2019

Chris Wright Photo Trips

First off, and as we close out this year, I wanted to thank you for your continued interest and comments on my photographic postings, it is much appreciated! It has been a remarkable year of photographic opportunities and personal artistic growth. Blended Tea Cups. At the Rivers Market in New Westminster is a large mural of tea cups behind the …

Expressionism and Abstraction November 2019

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Water Glass. An interesting composition created with multiple exposures and utilizing the way the overhead light reflects off the edge of the glass and the water. Interconnecting Roof Edges. The edge of a roof at UBC is replicated twice to form this study of shape and tone. Multi Dimensions in Concrete. At the UBC campus is a concrete platform set into a …

Expressionism and Abstraction October 2019

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Pierced Industrial Screen. I headed off to New Westminster in early October and I was very pleased to see an interesting building facade on a new parkade! With multiple exposures and a slight sideways shift for each exposure, the result is very compelling both in form, tone, and texture. Coloured and Illuminated Columns. This composition resulted from experimenting with a …