Tallheo Cannery

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Further to the photos I recently posted on the creative workshop at the Tallheo Cannery, here are some photos of the buildings and site.

The remaining section of the cannery building, taken from the water near the end of the workshop week.

From the land side, the building is more complete with the roof intact. I like this composition in the way the building is nestled into the trees and beach.

The women’s dormitory from the 1920s now houses the guest house. The rooms were pretty much as they would have been then. Clean and simple, and were a nice respite from the busy workshop.

The store is located adjacent the guest house and was a frequent area to capture unique compositions.

The store also included an office and it was interesting to note the business and employee ledger books were still in there.

The net loft on the second floor of the cannery building offered many interesting compositions.

The views outside were plentiful and in the late day lighting, very beautiful.

This old fishing boat is actually a sister to the one that was on our previous 5 dollar bill. Read here for the story on the boat used for the 5 dollar bill.

The pilings for the other portion of the cannery building at night. The brighter light in the sky is Mars.

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  1. I’ll double what Colwyn wrote. Such a setting for your workshop, Chris!
    How were the pilings lit for the evening shot?
    Thanks for the history on the BCP boat.

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      Thanks Lynn. The piles were light painted during a longer exposure (30 seconds I believe). Dennis (instructor) walked further along the beach (heading to the right of where the camera was) and used a strong flashlight to “paint” the pilings being careful to get a similiar amount of light (timewise) on each portion of the scene.

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