Terra Nova

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In late November and with a break in the weather, a friend and I headed over to Terra Nova and walked along the dykes fronting the Fraser River and the Vancouver Airport.

Looking across the Fraser River at the south terminal with float planes.

Winter can often be a great time to capture the form of deciduous trees such as this one.

This birch tree with the remaining fall colour leaves reminded me of a Group of Seven painting. The small leaves looks like dabs of bright yellow paint set against the blue water and sky.

The clouds were starting to mass over the Strait of Georgia and the Fraser River. Point Grey is visible as a low green point and then further back on the right is the North Shore and to the left is the Sunshine Coast.

I liked the different texture and tone of the grasses in the mud flats, along with the pockets of water in the mud.

The barren trees were very photogenic, in particular this one with the sinuous branches and the remaining leaves.

Within the park area of Terra Nova were several ponds and I was eager to make compositions of all I saw.

I have always appreciated the landscape compositions where there are multiple “layers” from front to back. It just seems to provide a rich visual experience. In this case those layers are the reflective water, sedges, brambles, trees, and then the clouds behind.

One of two buildings that we photographed in the park, and with this one, I liked the massing of the house set against the bulk and multi-branched tree.

On the other house was this door with multi coloured blown glass in the sidelights. I was thinking the mixture of materials, texture, and colour would make an interesting composition.

Dried sedges reflecting in the grey-blue toned water.

With the sky completely overcast and the clouds massing on the North Shore mountains, I captured this composition of the Vancouver Airport and the reflecting hotel wall of windows.

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      Thanks Chris for the kind words, and I appreciate hearing that you enjoy seeing the different areas

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