The Forest and The Flowing Still Water

CK Wright Photo Trips

An interesting outing this past Sunday was along the flowing Lynn Creek, the still waters of Rice Lake, and the surrounding forests.

The morning was overcast making for perfect lighting conditions for photographing Lynn Creek and capturing the vibrant green in the water.

The surrounding forest beside the 30 Foot Pool section of Lynn Creek is impressive with the amount of moss and ferns. The overcast conditions with thin cloud coverage allows those deep green colours to not be washed out.

After a few hours of photographing and exploring along Lynn Creek, the sun broke through the clouds and the lighting became challenging with all of the reflective surfaces in the creek and the moisture laden trees. We decided to head over to the nearby Rice Lake.

Rice Lake in the correct lighting can be pure magic. That can either be low angle sun as seen at this time of year or storm clouds on the north side. By the time we had walked the kilometer or so to the lake, the sun was out with a few wispy clouds and the lighting magical.

In this first photograph looking over Rice Lake towards one of the three Mount Seymour peaks. Notice how mirror flat the lake is. Unless there is heavy wind, Rice Lake has areas such as this bay that are sheltered.

In this next composition, I liked the X shape the bare alder trunk and branches form on the shoreline. I am not sure how successful it is conveying that, maybe let me know in the comments your thoughts?

Lynn Peak is seen to the north west across the lake. I really like these types of compositions where the reflection is very crisp and there are two sets of overlaying shapes from the near and far hills.

Alder branches, bare in the winter time, always make an interesting composition with their sinuous, white toned shape contrasting to the dark green forest and water. I spotted this as I walked onto the dock and was immediately taken by the possibilities it presented.

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