The North Side of False Creek

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Once an industrial hub, False Creek has made a dramatic transformation to a beautiful area of housing, interesting architecture, and pathways for walking and cycling.

Last Sunday I walked the pathway along the north side starting at Science World. The low angle early morning light was reflecting off of the dome and adjacent buildings as I started the walk.

I stopped off at the Plaza of Nations, built during the 1986 Expo. The start of the redevelopment of False Creek was certainly tied to Expo86. While the building has seen better days, the photography opportunities were plentiful. Here are my four favourite compositions.

Adjacent is a new casino with deep bronze glass that was glowing in the early morning light.

I utilized the flag poles seen in the earlier photo and their shadows in this black and white composition.

Here is a section of the walking and cycling path, looking towards the Cambie Street Bridge.

Condo buildings rising above and reflecting in False Creek.

While the views are interesting, it is the smaller and tighter compositions that I look for. Here is an entrance to one of those condo towers, with the round steel design, I noticed how the associated shadow mimicked the curve and thought it would make a great composition.

These glass roof sections along the seawall made an interesting composition with the strong rectangular lines and the strong linear shadow lines.

Speaking of shadows, I spotted this scene a ways back and hustled over to capture it. I love the strong shadow lines from the Granville Street Bridge ironworks reflecting on the False Creek Yacht Club building, combined with the vibrant red cladding.

I took a few more compositions of the club building. I find that black and red are such strong complimentary colours.

Artwork painted on the north footing of the Granville Street Bridge just adds to the funky vibe.

And now the Granville Street Bridge itself, with boats and across the inlet is Granville Island Market.

The third crossing of the inlet is the Burrard Street Bridge and my turn around point. It was a little after noon and time to head back to the Main Street Science World Skytrain station for the ride home. The first photograph is the bridge with the distant mountains and then the second photograph is the underside of the bridge.

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  1. Wow what an interesting collection. I love # 4, 5, 6 & 7…..such interesting lines and reflections. Of course the beautiful scenic ones are lovely too !!!

    1. Post
  2. My favourites are: 1 (gorgeous light!), 3 (the fading of the tinting on the window glass a wonderful, organic detail!), 7 (the large blocks of colour), 9 (wide range of tones, engaging composition), 14 (the roof sections seem to hold up the sky) & 19 ( the organic green element in the variety of colours).
    Thanks, Chris.

    1. Post

      Thanks Lynn, interesting to hear which ones you liked along with comments! I appreciate those comments, I hadn’t considered that the shadows on photo 14 appear to hold or support the sky.

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