The Power of Overcast for Water and Fall Colours

CK Wright Photo Trips

While this might be the fourth weekend in a row with unsettled weather in metro Vancouver, from a photography standpoint there are benefits to overcast conditions. Highly reflective surfaces such as water and fall colours in bright light will often wash out, so overcast offers ideal conditions.

With fall colours underway here on the west coast and overcast conditions, I was excited to explore the Kanaka Creek and photograph the colours there.

I started off the walk along the Kanaka Creek at the Bell-Irving Fish Hatchery. The Canyon trail leads westward through coastal forest intermixed with vine maple, big leaf maple, and red alder. The vine maple has turned a gold colour in this image.

I crossed the creek on the Pine Ridge trail and spotted these scaly cap (Pholiota squarrosa) mushrooms growing on an alder snag.

Down at the creek again, I liked how these dry brown big leaf maple leaves were laid out on the sandstone with the nearly round moss covered boulder in the middle.

The interesting feature of the Kanaka Creek is the sandstone substrate which has been carved into shutes, bowls, and potholes.

Just downstream from where those photographs were captured, Kanaka Creek drops down several cascades and a waterfall. Here is the start of those.

At that point that Kanaka Creek descends, it is joined by the North Fork Kanaka Creek which drops cleanly in one large waterfall. Kanaka Creek is on the left and on the right is the north fork.

The North Fork also has sandstone and more of those wonderful shutes, bowls, and potholes.

Just above the waterfall on the North Fork is this fan shaped cascade…and in case you’re wondering, yes I stood in the middle of the creek to capture this.

The other material in and alongside the creek is shale and it makes for interesting compositions.

On the walk back to the vehicle and with rain starting, I had time to capture a few more images of the fall colours along the trail.

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