The Vedder and the ‘Wack

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Over the many years of driving through the Fraser Valley on my way to the interior, I have always considered the valley a bit of a bore. Flat and uninspiring was my thought. On Saturday with little snow in the mountains and looking for something different, a friend and I headed out to explore. After spending a day exploring a few sights in Chilliwack and along the Vedder River I now have an appreciation of the valley!

I must say how impressed I was with the valley after seeing it from the vantage point of Mount Thom rising 484m above the Fraser Valley and with westward views.

I liked how the flat landscape meets the rising hills and mountains. In the second photo, Chilliwack Mountain is visible on the left. That was our third destination of the day.

After enjoying the early morning lighting on Mt Thom, we drove over to the Vedder River adjacent the Great Blue Heron Reserve. The reserve contains a large lagoon which was reflecting the bare trees in the water.

Continuing through the reserve, we arrived at the Vedder River with swiftly running water and beautiful reflections in the surface.

The Southern Railway crosses the Vedder River and the low winter sun illuminated the bridge and the shoreline.

I was really impressed with the straight section of track and the tall electrical poles. I selected a low angle shot with a shallow depth of field to purposely blur the foreground.

Catching up to Terry, I noticed he was photographing these rocks in the foreground along the river. It is interesting to note the three themes in this photo, the lower section with the rocks and swirling water, the middle section with the smooth running river and reflection, and the upper section with the vertical cottonwood trees reaching for the blue sky.

I spotted this cottonwood tree illuminated with the low angle sun and the branches “interacting” with the wispy clouds. There is almost a sense of movement in the tree.

Our final stop was Chilliwack Mountain in the Hillkeep Regional Park looking southeast towards the southern mountains. Those are, left to right, Cheam, Lady, Knight, Archibald, Welch, then centre left to right McFarlane, Crossover, and Slesse.

Here is a view of Elk and Thurston (to the left of the tree) and then the snow capped mountains of McFarlane, Crossover, and Slesse. Mount Slesse is the tallest, fang shaped peak.

I would encourage anyone to take a day trip out to the valley and discover all of the interesting attractions. Mt Thom and Chilliwack Mountain are easy to access as roads ascend to virtually the summit.

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