Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve

CK Wright Photo Trips

I had the opportunity to take a few hours of me time and explore the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve during a business trip to San Diego.

This article will be an interesting experiment as I am using my cell phone for the images, to write the article, and to post the photos. Hopefully it works out on your various viewing devices and web browsers.

Torrey Pines reserve owes it’s existance to Ellen Brown Scripps who purchased the various lots from a developer between 1908 to 1912 to preserve the unique beauty. She gifted the area to the City of San Diego in 1932.

Heading off early in the morning to avoid the notoriously bad traffic offered ideal lighting. When I arrived, conditions were excellant with warm lighting and not much wind. I liked these rugged built lifeguard station towers.

Heading up the road that leads to the cliff top areas, I spotted a few clumps of cactus including one flowering.

Climbing further up the road, I noted these pines set against the sky.

The sandstone cliffs are constantly erroding, making for interesting compositions.

Arriving at the top, I was impressed with the westward views in the early morning light.

I spent some time looking around and enjoying the views, though the cliff trails were closed due to the heavy overnight rain. It appears that they remain closed for 24 hours after the rain ends to allow the sandy errosive trails to dry out.

Returning to the beach, I photographed a few closeups before it was time to head to the airport. There were so many intersting compostions on the sand and cobble beach.

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