Two and a Half Waterfalls and a Lake

CK Wright Photo Trips

On Saturday with overcast conditions, a friend and I headed out for some more waterfalls and exploring the Fraser Valley north attractions.

The first stop was Cascade Falls, a spectacular 30 metre waterfall on the Cascade Creek. It was good to see an adequate water flow over the falls with the more recent period of warm to hot weather.

The suspension bridge provides access to the other side of the creek and to the vantage point used in the previous photograph. There were no visitors at the early hour so I had the suspension bridge to myself, which I took advantage of to capture the canyon just downstream from the waterfall.

This was a direct down perspective of Cascade Creek.

The next stop was just up the road at Davis Lake Provincial Park, where we followed the steep trail downhill to the lake following Murdo Creek. Nearing the lake is MacDonald Falls where Murdo Creek rolls down a wide section of rock.

Here’s a close-up of the waterfall, where I used a log to direct the view inwards.

With the overcast conditions, landscape compositions of the lake were not ideal, so I worked the shoreline and liked this composition of the grass clump and the two gradient lake colour.

The adjacent forest was beautiful with the soft lighting and deep colours.

After some time exploring the lake and returning to Murdo Creek to retrieve my wallet (which had neatly fallen out and remained on a boulder), it was off to Whonnock Lake Park. Though I had never been to the lake before, with the overcast conditions making landscapes undesirable I would have passed it by. However my friend wanted to stop by which was a very good call as the lily pads were in full bloom. I haven’t had the opportunity in a long time to photograph those, so I was very pleased with the opportunity!

So if you have been counting through this article, we have now photographed two waterfalls and one lake…so where is the half waterfall? and what is a half waterfall? Kanaka Creek Regional Park was the next stop where we photographed the cascades. Not quite a waterfall, more like a half waterfall.

The creek has numerous pot holes eroded over eons in the soft sandstone. I have photographed here before, so on this visit I spent timing working on compositions with those.

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