Two Forests and a Creek

Chris Wright Photo Trips

There are a few places that I know are quiet and less travelled and thus a good destination for maintaining the required social distancing. I find it particularly important in these times of uncertainty to get exercise and spend time in nature.

On the first outing, on an overcast day, I set off climbing onto a forested ridge. The trail entrance welcomed me with these two western red cedar trees.

Ferns, moss draped vine maples and western red cedar trees provides a good indication on the amount of precipitation that falls here.

It is always a pleasant surprise to see western yew given that it is not that common a tree. This one was growing on a steep slope just below an old road.

Reaching the ridge, the trail continues along before offering one partial view.

The trail continues along on a narrow path that winds its way through the coastal forest.

A forest is in a constant, albeit slow, state of renewal. Here a western hemlock tree is rising from and relying on the decaying woody debris.

Throughout this area are pockets of standing water that support a diversity of life, retaining water between the rain events.

The second outing was on a sunny day even though it is not the usual type of lighting I prefer for photographing forests and creeks.

I did find areas of the creek that were still in shade and this one in particular drew me. I really like how the western red cedar is “holding” the rock while the creek swirls around it.

Even with the challenging lighting, this waterfall is very nice!

This erratic boulder was split into a several large blocks and appeared to dominate the surrounding area.

Along the trail was this beautiful western trillium in full bloom.

Nearing the end of the trail and an open powerline, the sunlight and its warmth welcomed me from the cool forest.

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  1. Beautiful and unusual shots, Chris. The trillium really says Happy Easter! They are not so common these days. Thanks!

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