Two Waterfalls and a Lake

CK Wright Photo Trips

With overcast conditions Saturday morning, a friend and I set off to explore some waterfalls and lakes in the Stave Falls area, along the Dewdney Trunk Road.

The first stop was Steelhead Falls, located on the east side of Howard Lake. This impressive waterfall cascades down numerous sections, surrounded by ferns and tall coniferous trees.

As we were hiking back to the car, the clouds lifted partially so it was good timing to capture those falls before the sun appeared. The water is very reflective and thus direct or even partial sun can easily overexpose the water.

We decided to explore the adjacent Hayward Lake and the trestles from the old railway line that connected the Stave Lake Reservoir to Mission.

There was just the right combination of sun and cloud to softly illuminate the water to produce the vibrant green colour in the lake.

It is interesting to note the high water mark on the trestles and the colour difference between the sections.

After exploring the lake and walking the west shoreline, we headed over to Rolley Falls, accessed from the Rolley Lake Provincial Park. Rolley Creek drops rapidly from Rolley Lake down to Stave Lake.

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