Urban Exploring in Edmonds

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In early May I took advantage of the warm and sunny afternoons and evenings to visually explore the Edmonds area of Burnaby.

Here is BC Hydro’s south campus building on a sunny late afternoon. The curved glass wall leads the eye to the patio area. I also liked the mixture of straight and curved in the building and deck with the sinuous trees.

I am often drawn to these types of compositions. I acknowledge that the perspective is perhaps awkward and skewed, but there is something compelling on those.

It wasn’t all sun of course, there were periods of rain. After a short lived but strong deluge, the drain was overwhelmed leaving a beautiful reflective surface.

Two black and white photographs from the Byrne Creek Secondary school. The west facing school was almost glowing in the low angle sun.

In this photo I wanted to capture the scale of the massive redevelopment at Kingsway and Edmonds, using the older building as a counter point.

The linear elements and shadows at a vehicle entrance in the new development caught my eye.

Perhaps I just like seeing things arranged in a slightly unconventional way?

As I walked past the Stride Avenue Community school, I noticed the strong shadows forming on the wall from the low angle sun.

I was driving back home when I saw the sunset coloured sky over the car wash and liked the twilight hour mood.

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