Views From River Road

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Earlier this month I took a drive along River Road which follows the Fraser River, on the south side of the river on Lulu Island. I had been out to the Pitt Addington / Grant Narrows the day prior, so this was a day to simply explore and see the opportunities.

The River Road section between the Knight Street Bridge on the west to the Queensborough Bridge in the east contains an eclectic mix of residential and industrial, along with small mooring areas on the Fraser River.

I started from the east at the No. 7 Pier Park which appeared to be a re-purposed rail car loading dock. There were tug boats moored along the Richmond side near first light.

These condo towers and low rise condo buildings across the river in Vancouver reflected in the moving water.

I spotted these alder branches in the water and liked the curved shape they formed in the water, along with the vertical tree reflection.

Across River Road from the park was a container facility and I thought the flattened end on perspective would make an interesting composition with the squares of different colours.

I really like industrial subject matter (if you hadn’t guessedby now!) and this sawdust loading facility was a must capture. I like the utilitarian form and the slender structure poking out over the river.

Heading westward I passed by this boat shed slowly rotting into the river. I captured a few different compositions.

The CN train bridge from the mainland to Lulu Island is normally kept open for the frequent river traffic. The black steel structure looks so massive yet balanced, framed by the blue water and sky.

A final shot of the log booms, the river, Burnaby condo towers, and the North Shore mountains.

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