Walking the Downtown Vancouver

Chris Wright Photo Trips

It was an interesting photographic walk in the downtown, seeing how quiet and empty it was with the pandemic shutdowns.

A very empty Smithe Street with sun dappled lighting through the spring growth.

The curved wood trusses glowing in the early morning light at the Telus Garden building.

Looking across the šxʷƛ̓ənəq Xwtl’e7énḵ Square at the reflection of the Hotel Vancouver and the office towers in the early morning shade.

Let there be light seemed like an appropriate message for the pandemic state of mind we are in.

I really liked the story that this scene captures, with the lone person operating in an empty store.

I noticed how striking the lighting was in a back alley with the Hotel Vancouver rising above.

The boarded up stores have had artwork and inspirational messages painted onto them. I captured the following five, trying to have some people either near or in front.

I liked the scene with the ever present gaze and quizzical expression from the model looking over the empty escalator.

I really like these figures from Erwin Wurm with empty West Georgia Street behind

I also captured the figures from a different angle and employed the strong shadow as a frame.

Birch trees growing in a courtyard.

A strata condo building built in 1914 along Burrard Street caught my eye with the iron staircase, bricks and blue sky behind.

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  1. No signage re Bonnie Henry?
    The birch trees in the courtyard look like photo manipulation: neat!
    I like the Wurm figures in b&w.
    The model gazing past the empty escalators is a Covid 19 photo.

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      Thanks Lynn, I had assumed the second signage board photo was of Dr Bonnie Henry. Those birch trees are actually documentary only, no tricks actually.

      1. I know you don’t do the photo tricks, Chris, but it looks as if you have. It’s interesting that a photo can be documentary & still look photoshopped.

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