We’re Off to Brothers Creek

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Last Sunday I headed off for a morning hike to Brothers Creek, starting in the eastern end of the British Properties.

Along the trail was this burnt western red cedar tree, a reminder of the past.

The first sight of Brothers Creek with the multi-story coastal forest.

Crossing the creek on the Baden Powell trail bridge, I took this composition of the water flowing through a narrow rocky cut.

Further up the trail is a vantage point to view the creek and the bridge itself.

I liked this scene with the creek partly obscured by the coastal forest. It has an implied sense of mystery and calmness.

Further up the creek and with the increasing elevation on the lower slopes of Cypress Mountain was snow.

We re-crossed Brothers Creek, boulder hopping this time given the washed out bridge. Notice the remaining snow lining the banks.

Heading back out, the snow was at places fairly deep, though the trail was snow free at this point.

The snow continued thinning out as we descended in elevation.

The hike was about 12 kilometers and for the most part with little others around. I spent about 5 hours completing the hike, taking photos, and enjoying the exercise through the beautiful forest. After this hike, I headed over to BCIT for an enjoyable afternoon of expressionism and abstract photography, some of which will be in the this months posting on April 30th.

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  1. The travelogue format works well, Chris. Thanks for a virtual hike. Easier than the actual one from the looks of things.

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