What Lies above Farwell Canyon

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In early July I returned to Farwell Canyon and spent the entire time photographing the sand dunes and slopes above the Chilcotin River.

As reminder from my May article, here is an overview of the canyon with the hoodoos, Chilcotin River, and Pothole Ranch. The sand is visible in the foreground in this photo. While it was overcast in Williams Lake as I travelled through to the canyon, the clouds dispersed as I drove onto the Chilcotin plateau and arriving at the dunes, the conditions were great.

As I was ascending onto the dunes, the vista behind them was spectacular with rolling hills, trees, and shrubs all illuminated with the early morning light.

At the far end of the sand dunes was this lone interior Douglas-fir tree and I used the edge of the sinuous dunes to lead the eye to the tree.

Looking in the opposite direction, I composed a tight cropping on the edge and waited for the wind to push the sand over the edge. I wanted to capture the process of the shifting sand dunes and it didn’t take long for the sand to become airborne.

I spotted this group of hikers sitting on the dunes and liked how it provided scale.

I noticed near the end of the dunes that rain had formed a set of curved tracks in the sand and thought it would be an interesting composition. The clouds were rolling in and out at this later stage of the day and it took some time for the clouds to move away from the sun.

Growing in the sand were clumps of grass including this lone grass laying over. Notice the curved marks in the sand at the tips of the grass, created when the wind moves the grass blades through the sand.

Here is a closer composition of the Douglas-fir tree shown in the earlier photo.

After about 4 hours photographing in the area and with darkening clouds bringing the possibility of rain, I photographed a final image of the sand dunes.

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      Thanks Jill. The sand was very fine sized to the point where it would travel through your sock! Return home with a reminder of your outing.

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