What Lies At The End Of The Road, Redux

Chris Wright Photo Trips

Two years ago I posted photos from the Grant Narrows Regional Park and Pitt Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area which lies at the end of Rannie Road in Pitt Meadows. Last weekend I had the opportunity to revisit the area and to explore other sections. Check out the older posting for comparison.

We started off just outside of the regional park in the Pitt Addington Marsh Wildlife Management Area, walking along the dykes.

The lighting was beautiful and the snow capped mountains were very photogenic in the early morning. Widgeon Peak is reflected in the Pitt River slough.

We drove the short distance into the regional park and walked past these boats at the dock. There are many boat only access cabins along Pitt Lake and this dock is the last road access point.

As I did on the previous visit, I took a south west shot from the observation tower though there was snow on this visit.

The back slough area was partially covered with ice and I thought it would make an interesting composition. Notice the strong lines formed from the dried grass covered dyke, the open water sections, and the closed ice covered sections.

I like this composition as it contains a wide tonality range from the shadowed dyke and tree, the mid-tone hills, and the distant bright snow capped peaks. The shadowed tree is certainly a strong element and helps to ground the photo.

Speaking of grounding or anchoring elements, I spotted this grass and bush clumps and liked how it complimented the water and mountain.

At this time of year the sun is still low enough through the day to cast shadows and I used that to show the tall cottonwood trees.

Pitt Lake and mountains with pilings.

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  1. Too beautiful !!! I love the way the reflections are broken by the iced areas. The black and white one would make a stunning framed enlargement.

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  2. Wow!
    I especially liked the photo with the wide range of tones. Scrolling through showed interesting possibility of combining a colour image with a B & W when both have similar content.

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      Thanks Lynn, appreciate the comment. Interesting suggestion about the split tone photo idea, I’ll have to try that.

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