Winter Road Trip to the Cariboo

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Over the Christmas break, I took a road trip into the Cariboo to visit friends and of course, to take advantage of the winter photographic opportunities.

The Chasm is a spectacular sight with a large 300 metre deep canyon revealing the layers of lava that forms the Cariboo Plateau. It was overcast on my visit but I still thought the images with the snow covered trees were very beautiful.

Early one morning I drove over to Green Lake and captured some of the surrounding lake shore sights.

On one of the adjacent ponds, I noticed this clump of spruce trees that seemed to make a good focal point. The shoreline reeds offer an interesting line of colour in an otherwise monochromatic (or even grayscale) scene.

I spotted this clump of dried sedges and I thought the curved and mottled texture on each would make an interesting composition.

Just north of the Village of Clinton, the highway winds its way up onto the plateau and it was here that the snow was at its most magical. A combination of hoar frost and heavy snow created a spectacular sight.

The snow and hoar frost was clinging to every surface including the fences.

This mature Douglas-fir and the surrounding forest were so heavy with the snow.

The sun made a short appearance and I worked to capture the delicate frost on the top of an aspen tree against it.

Here is a close-up of the frost with some of the largest ice crystals I have seen (1 inch/2.5 cm or longer)!

The Big Bar Road winds its way through a beautiful forest of mixed age Douglas-fir. I wanted to capture that road and the forest so I centred the composition on a large mature Douglas-fir tree with the road disappearing off into the distance.

Toward the end of the photo shoot, I shot this scene looking northeast. It captures the essence of the Cariboo with the vastness and the big sky.

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  1. Neat discoveries, Chris!
    BTW, do you avoid using software enhancements such as punching up saturation?

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      Thanks Lynn. I try to avoid over saturating the colours in my images. Representional photos I try to use a “normal” amount while the abstracts might get a bit extra as reality is not as important.

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